Who We Are

About Us

The Founder, established circa 2018, is a Namibian digital business magazine with a special focus on entrepreneurs and business personalities across the corporate spectrum. With a diverse audience of over 10 000 subscribers, The Founder gives you an exclusive look into the lives of the men and women who run industries, shape our economy and inspire us to take charge of our destinies.

"Our stories matter"

As the world continues to gradually make its way towards the fourth industrial revolution, we recognize the importance of the digital space, both for businesses and their clients. We also recognize the power of
stories. The Founder Magazine is committed to telling the stories of inspirational Namibians in the corporate world. Our stories matter. Stories are how we connect as people.

What we offer

The founder offers engaging , dynamic and creatively written articles that connect with a wide – ranging audience .Our main priority is to ensure that your business and product is exposed to our readers in a bespoke fashion that aligns with your brand.

At your finger tips

The founder is a free magazine that , once downloaded , is readily available on your phone , tablet and computer.

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